Being Cheap is Easy: My weight loss journey [Fitbit review]

My weight loss journey [Fitbit review]

June 29, 2013

I have been doing Weight Watchers for a couple of months now.  I wish I could say the pounds are melting off, but I've finally gotten past the 10 pounds lost mark.  I really don't eat too badly, so it gets frustrating when I feel like I should be losing faster.  

Every week I see people at my meetings who the Weight Watchers program really works great for, but I get frustrated with the points system.  I like to see real numbers, I actually tend to use the free app My Fitness Pal more. 

One thing I have been trying to focus on is working out.  I really love our local YMCA and there are a few branches we can visit.  The downtown location is right by Ricky's work so we can meet him when he's done for the farmers market on Thursdays.

Our main location is the Spartan branch (if you go there, I would love a workout buddy!).  The girls love the play area and I enjoy the "me" time.  I tend to stick to the cardio machines and classes and I was getting frustrated with my pedometer.  I felt like I wanted something to tell me how many calories I was burning, as well as how many steps. It's really hard for a pedometer to actually pick up on steps taken in a class since you aren't always moving forward, but also side to side. 

After doing some research, I decided I wanted a Fitbit. There are 3 varieties, but I chose the simplest to get me started: the zip. From taking surveys, I had some Amazon money saved was perfect timing!  

Weight Watchers has a fitness tracker, but I decided against it for a few reasons:
1. I could never resell it if I didn't like it or wasn't in WW anymore (it is a one person device)
2. There is a $5 monthly fee to use it
3. It had very mixed reviews, mostly negative

I've had it since Mothers Day and I am obsessed with it! I clip it to my bra and it updates information to my phone, Fitness Pal and other devices.

Once you are done with your workout, it will tell you exactly how many calories you've burned, along with your steps. I was always skeptical with the readings on the machines I used and I had every right to be! My calorie burn is usually 100-150 MORE than the machine says! That adds up!

I aim for 10k steps a day, it is such a great motivator!

Do you use a Fitbit or any sort of health monitor? 

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  1. Love my Fitbit! Hard not to lose it...I have the One and it wants to visit the washer.


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