Being Cheap is Easy: Craft time: shopping list clipboards

Craft time: shopping list clipboards

January 13, 2013

Hello again!  I decided to take a little break from posting to enjoy the holidays and my family.  I hope you are enjoying 2013 so far!  Ricky started a new job on the 2nd and we are absolutely loving having him home for dinner.  Plus, the days are SO much easier for me!  I have been trying to pack our days full with the Y and fun crafty projects.

Today, we decided to try out the new scissors Santa brought.  I have been searching high and low for scissors for kids that are actually for toddlers.  I finally found some at Toys R Us (Melissa & Doug, of course) that are plastic, but actually cut.  Best part?  They don't cut hair!  As much as Maddie loves to play with hair, I was afraid she would give Liv a new 'do. 

Every week, the girls love to look through the Sunday paper with me.  Olivia likes to know "what's on sale!".  When I take them shopping with me, I like for them to have their own lists.  It keeps them busy and it helps them look for different items...almost like a scavenger hunt.  I have tried a few different ways to go about the lists, but I thought having them make their own would be the most fun!

This is a super cheap craft and it's one that you can do numerous times!

(As you can see, only Olivia was interested in this.  Maddie just wanted to color)

Here's what you need:
  • Clipboard (Dollar Tree has great ones!)
  • Old store circulars
  • Kid-friendly scissors
  • Permanent marker (for YOU, not them!!)
  • Glue (I made this glue sponge...Ah-mazing folks!)  
  • Scrapbook paper (much heavier than construction paper)
  1. Go through the circulars with your kiddo.  When Olivia wanted to add something to her "list", I made a shape around it with a Sharpie.  This makes it easier to cut out.
  2. Have them cut it out and glue on!  Super easy!

What activities do you like to do with your toddler!  I need some ideas!  I am trying to bulk up our craft collection.  

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