Being Cheap is Easy: Holiday shopping at Aldi

Holiday shopping at Aldi

November 29, 2012

I'm in the Aldi ad again this week!  I wish I could change my last name!

I am starting to organize my baking for the holidays.  Ricky likes to make 5-8 different types of cookies, but he doesn't realize that WE are the ones who end up eating them all.  No bueno!  I am going to hold off for a few weeks so I don't gain 15 lbs this holiday season!  I cannot say no to a good sugar cookie!

Have you considered Aldi for your holiday shopping?  They have unbeatable prices on baking essentials, especially sugar, flour and spices.  I found a clearance section last week with spices for $1.25: ginger, cream of tartar and nutmeg.  Have you seen prices at other stores for those?  Over $4!

Other great stock-up items for the holidays:
  • Eggs, butter and milk
  • Sprinkles, frosting and vanilla
  • Cereals: rice crispy, chex and corn flakes 
  • Seasonal goodies: Gingerbread waffle mix is AWESOME, also the mint hot cocoa

This time of year they also have a toy section and other inexpensive gifts.  They have name brand and popular items at great prices.  Last year we found some great Fisher Price toys for the twins.  This year I am considering some Disney princess dolls I saw.

I know other grocery stores have sales, but really consider Aldi for a one stop shop for holiday baking and cooking.  In 15 minutes you can get everything you need and be on your way!  Time is precious this time of year.

While you're there, get some tasty ground're gonna need it!

How is your holiday baking going so far?  I'm procrastinating, as usual!



  1. I love your passion for Aldi's! To be honest, I always forget about them because we are literally next door to Meijer, but I need to go...After all, it's only 5 mins away and it's a super nice store.

    I just got a tip about their coffee the other day. I'm taking your advice and grabbing my baking supplies there too :) You rock - thanks for saving me moula!

  2. The Dunkin Doughnuts knockoff coffee is good and right now I'm loving the Harvest blend. Can't beat $3.99! Does yours have $1.69 gallons of milk? The ones by Costco always have super cheap milk to compete with their price.


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