April 13, 2015

Mmmm Monday: Strawberry Coconut Protein Pancakes #StonyfieldBlogger

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Strawberry Pancakes, Protein Pancakes, Stonyfield

Have you noticed the new Stonyfield Organic Protein OP  drinks in the dairy section?  Three flavors are available: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.  Strawberry is hands down my favorite! Each drink has 15 grams of protein and NO GMOs, artificial sweeteners or hormones. The drinks alone are super tasty, especially after a workout, but they're great to cook with too!


April 10, 2015

Teaching Responsibility with a Library Card {Plus a Dollar Tree Lanyard Craft!}

Responsibility Lessons, Library Lessons, KDL, Lanyard Crafts, Dollar Tree Crafts

Welcome to Day FIVE of Spring Break everyone!  Anyone going loco yet?!  We had half days last week, so I'm straight up out of fun activities to do with the kiddos.  The rain doesn't help.  In a dream world, we would have sunny skies and the kids could run outside to their heart's content.  Nope.  No zoo. No bikes. Whommmp whoomp.


How-To: Make a Perfect Slow Cooker Whole Chicken {...and Stock After!}

Slow Cooker Chicken, Rotisserie Chicken at Home, Simple Suppers

I use my slow cooker at least 2-3 times a week--it's one of my favorite appliances to use.  Especially for busy days when we need dinner ready in a snap!

This winter, I've was on a mission to find a way to make the PERFECT slow cooker chicken.  I love to make whole chickens in the slow cooker, but I find it's hard to get one that turns out like an actual rotisserie chicken.  Most of the time, the skin is all soggy and the veggies are overcooked.  First try, I used too much liquid.  Next try, the chicken was super dry.  The third bird was too small and all bones. I thought I would NEVER get it right! There are so many different recipes on Pinterest that make it sound super simple.  It's not y'all!


April 08, 2015

Budget Friendly Kids Clothes: Hop n' Roll at Gymboree!

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I don't know about you, but I feel it has been SO hard to find cute clothes on a budget lately.  Or, I should say cute QUALITY clothes on a budget.  Usually I only shop sales with a coupon a Gymboree....their prices are a bit out of my price range.  I'm always in love with their styles and bright colors they use, though.  Plus they use top notch fabrics and the clothes LAST.